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File:Mary Cassatt - Girl Arranging Her Hair - Google Art Project.jpg|thumb|Mary Cassatt - Girl Arranging Her Hair - Painting for Sale at the American Art Association, Anderson Galleries, New York, 10 April 1930, no. 75 The '''American Art Association''' was an art gallery and auction house with sales galleries, established in 1883. It was first located at 6 East 23rd Street (South Madison Square) in Manhattan, New York City and moved to Madison Ave and 56th St. in 1922. It was the first auction house in the U.S. and had a strong presence in New York during the period of American history known as the Gilded Age, hosting some of the cities major art exhibitions at the time. The galleries and auctions were devoted to paintings by American artists and also had an Oriental Art Department. The aim of the association was to promote American art through a highly visible, cosmopolitan auction venue.Bolas, Gerald D. ''The Early Years of...
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